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About Pro-Seal, LLC

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Hire a Commercial and Residential Spray Foam Contractor Here in Jackson and Brandon, MS, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee


Does your energy bill increase during especially hot or cold months? Are bugs and other pests finding a way into your building? Whether you own a commercial/industrial building or a home, you’re probably familiar with the value of good insulation—and the consequences of a poorly insulated space.

Start saving on your energy bills today with help from Pro-Seal. We specialize in roofing services to keep your home or office well-insulated. One of our most popular options is spray foam insulation. Spray polyurethane foam (or SPF) is a good choice for businesses because it can preserve you up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs. SPF is also relatively easy to install. Our spray foam specialists can plug all the gaps in your insulation in no time flat.

Ready to get started? Call Pro-Seal in Jackson and Brandon Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas and the Florida Panhandle today.

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